Why You Should Call the Professionals: 3 Benefits of Carpet Installation

benefits of carpet installation

At Carpet Connection, we know the stress and challenges that can come with new floor installation projects. Whether it’s new hardwood flooring, tile installation, or carpet textures, the process will be slightly different and the time and energy required to get it done may vary.

One of the most popular forms of flooring these days are carpet designs. There are many benefits of carpet installation. Approximately 38% of respondents in a recent Houzz survey said they plan to carpet their master bedroom. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of carpet installation comes from a recent Swedish study, which suggests carpets can reduce allergens. When carpet usage decreased by 70%, allergic reactions within the general population actually increased by 30%.

Putting in carpet can be difficult work. Here are three benefits of carpet installation from our team of professionals at Carpet Connection.

  1. Professional Quality: First of all, when you invest in professional carpet installation with Carpet Connection you’re making the choice to ensure the job gets done right. The last thing you want is a great looking carpet that’s ruined by shoddy cornering and inaccurate cut sizes.

  2. Avoid Potential Injury: Perhaps one of the most important benefits of professional carpet installation is the reduced risk of injury. Carpet padding itself is generally only about 1/2 inch thick or so, but it comes in large rolls that can be extremely heavy and hard to manage. If the risk of getting a hernia or pulling a muscle doesn’t scare you off, perhaps the chance of cutting yourself as you try to make just the right cut to fit the carpet will sway your decision.

  3. Overall Convenience: In the end, laying carpet is a strenuous job that requires a little muscle and a lot of attention to detail. While there are those who have no problem doing the work themselves, new flooring often comes at a time when other remodeling or a new home move is taking place. Is lugging heavy carpet and getting down on your hands and knees to install it really what you’re going to want to be doing?
Carpet Connection has a team of professionals ready to assist you not only with your selection process but also with the actual installation. Think about these reasons before you embark on the task on your own.