What is Berber carpet?

Berber carpeting is versatile, durable, and, depending on the fiber used, soft carpet style that works well in residential and commercial environments. These rugs are a  looped construction with the name inspired by the weaving pattern of the Berber tribe of North Africa.

Distinguished by their pattern of brown and gray flecks on a neutral background, modern Berber styles are also solid colors. This now makes the term Berber more synonymous with the looped construction rather than pattern or color.

Can I install it in living rooms?

Yes, because Berber carpeting works anywhere; that question stems from an old myth that these were used primarily in basements or rec rooms. Now, this floor covering has moved to bedrooms, living rooms, and even stairs, the latter requiring the appropriate quality level to withstand the heavy foot traffic of that area.

Berber reputation for cost-effectiveness

This is because Berbers, made from wool and nylon fibers, are most often created from the olefin (polypropylene) fiber. Olefin is budget-friendly, and the looped construction also makes it more reasonably priced because the manufacturing eliminates an entire process, that of further being cut into various piles.

Berbers are also highly durable, especially since fiber is usually stronger in looped form than cut. These rugs are also easy to keep clean because olefin is non-absorbent, making stain resistance superior. The looped construction also keeps spills from absorbing, and the dots make it great at hiding dirt. Just be sure not to use vacuum beater bars and keep pet nails trimmed, as they can both cause snags.

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