Top 10 Tile Textures To Make Your Floor Stand Out

floor tile texturesOnce you’ve picked out the perfect tile for your home, laying it down in a unique and appealing pattern becomes the next biggest challenge. Here are 10 particular floor patterns you could choose.

  1. Windmill: As its name suggests, the windmill pattern creates almost a spinning look, with four rectangular tile pieces placed around a central square tile. These floor tile textures look great with ceramic tiles.

  2. Herringbone: In this pattern, tiles are laid in long, zig-zag type lines, creating unique and sophisticated floor tile textures. This style is best used as kitchen floor patterns.

  3. Modular: For this look, three or more differently sized tiles form floor design patterns. This look is good for giving a home a more old-fashioned feel.

  4. Basket weave: Using square and rectangle tiles layered together creates the woven look for this pattern. This is a real classic look.

  5. Pinwheel: Similar to the windmill pattern, in this case, the central square tile is surrounded by four larger square tiles, as opposed to rectangular tiles. This helps create a more modern look.

  6. Diagonal with Dots: Four large square tiles are connected to each other at end points with smaller accent tiles.This is another classic style you can do no wrong with.

  7. Checkerboard: Two different colored tiles are alternated between each other, creating the checkerboard look. Black and white, in particular, was a large part of the retro style.

  8. Running Bond: Mirroring the look of a brick wall layout, the tiles are placed towards the middle of the upper or lower tile. This look is easy to do and gives a real homey feel to the space.

  9. Diagonal: Similar to the diagonal with dots look, this look forgoes the accent tile and just allows the smooth diagonal pattern to make the space seem bigger. This look is very good for smaller bathrooms.

  10. Straight Lay: If you have a particularly intricate and interesting tile, the best style to go with might just be a simple straight lay. This block by block pattern is easy and allows the floor tile textures to really shine.
Choosing a pattern for your soon-to-be newly tiled space can be a bit difficult. Since 23% of the average home’s floors are covered in tile, according to a Houzz survey, you want to make sure the pattern you choose is one you love. Hopefully, with these tips, you can find out what works best for you. For more patterns and tile designs, check out Carpet Connection or another local floor dealership.