Carpet Floor Covering: Is It Right For My Home?

carpet installation

Carpeting is one of the most popular types of flooring found in a home. A recent Houzz survey showed that 38% of recipients planned to carpet major rooms in their home, such as a master bedroom. While many homeowners prefer the soft feeling of carpet textures underneath their feet and the added protection from a cold floor, many do not know the other benefits of carpet installation.

Saves Energy
During the winter and summer months, it can be difficult to keep your house at a comfortable temperature without spending hundreds on heating and cooling services. Carpet installation can provide a house with insulation, which will help keep the temperature at a comfortable level during the harsher months.

Non-Slip Surface
If your house is filled with rambunctious children or frail elderly family members, carpeting will ensure the minimal amount of injuries from slipping. Carpets will also create a soft padding, making damage minimal when falls do occur.

Improved Air Quality
Carpets have been proven to trap contaminants, such as allergens. A study in Sweden showed that when carpet usage decreased by 70%, allergic reactions within the general population increased by 30%. This is because the fibers used in carpet designs trap the dirt, keeping it there until the carpet can be cleaned.

Absorbs Sound
If you have a busy house, chances are there will be a lot of stomping feet. Wooden flooring can creak beneath feet, creating a loud noise that can echo throughout the house. Studies have shown that using a carpet floor covering can help reduce the noise from your home. For extra sound padding, try using a thicker carpet. Carpet padding is typically ¼ an inch at its thinnest, and ½ thick at the thickest.

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