5 Steps to Prepare for Your Carpet Installation

carpet installation

In a recent Houzz survey, 38% of homeowners said that they plan to carpet their master bedroom. If you’ve ever had carpeting installed in your home before, you know that this is not a small undertaking. Carpet installation requires a lot of equipment and can produce a lot of noise, dust, and hazards in the workplace. It also requires serious planning and preparation. Here are five tips to help you get ready for your brand new carpet.

  1. Clear the room
    First, remove all valuable and breakable belongings from the area. The professional carpet installation company may provide services to help you temporarily store or relocate large items, but it is your responsibility to clear off the tops of dressers, desks, shelves, and bookcases. You must also unplug and disassemble electronics like TVs, computers, and sound and gaming systems.

  2. Inspect the old carpeting
    If your existing carpet is soiled from pet urine, contaminated by insect infestations, or contains any other objectionable materials, you will be responsible for removing the flooring on your own or you could be subject to additional carpet and flooring installation and removal fees. You should also vacuum the old carpet — whether it looks dirty or not — to prevent dust and allergens from becoming airborne during the removal process.

  3. Plan for the removal of existing carpeting
    After new carpet and flooring installation, you must have a plan for the disposal of old floor materials. Before beginning the carpet replacement process, determine who will remove the old carpet and dispose of it properly. Always check for recycling options in your community.

  4. Identify hidden wiring
    If any wiring for electronics or security systems is hidden in the walls or floors, point out these areas to the installation crew in advance to avoid any electrical accidents.

  5. Relocate pets and small children
    The room that is being carpeted will become a construction zone. To keep pets and children safe, make arrangements for them to be away from the work area during removal and installation. If you or anyone else in the house is sensitive to dust and allergens, it is recommended the area be avoided as well until the project is completed and the room is cleaned up.
Make sure your carpet installation project goes as smoothly and safely as possible by following the steps listed above. Do you have any questions or additional advice? Feel free to post in the comments section.