4 Reasons to Choose Hardwood or Tile Flooring For Your Home

tile installation

Choosing the type of flooring in your home is a serious decision. You don’t want to have poor quality material and you certainly don’t want to have unattractive floors that you’ll be forced to walk on and look at for years. That’s why, in addition to working with a professional carpet and flooring installation company, you should do plenty of research before making your decision.

Wholly 90% of homeowners prefer tile installation or hardwood flooring for their kitchen. Here are a few advantages of having both tile and hardwood as your flooring material.

Advantages of Tile Installation

  1. Tile lasts a long time. — Daltile reports that tile flooring can last a long time without breaking down. Both porcelain and ceramic forms of tile are very durable and last longer than many other types of flooring material. As long as you have a professional tile installation company help you and you keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance, your tile should last you decades.
  2. Although maintenance is important, you won’t need to do too much. — Be sure to clean your tile with non-abrasive and non-acidic chemicals so you’re not causing any damage, but usually soap and water can keep any tile fully cleaned. Tile is virtually stain-resistant and will rarely ever be damaged by any water or other kind of spill. You won’t have to worry too much about regularly cleaning and maintaining your tile floors because your floor will look great with little assistance.
Advantages of Hardwood Installation

  1. Very durable material. — As long as you’re taking care of your wooden floors, they can last more than 100 years. As far as everyday household issues that could potentially damage other flooring materials, because wood is so strong, wooden floors are often fully resistant to daily wear and tear. All you really have to do to keep your hardwood floor clean and strong is light mopping every once in a while or just run a vacuum across the surface to clean up any dust or debris.
  2. Plenty of wood floor options. — There are a number of hardwood floor types and textures that you can choose to have installed. Many of these textures will look great in your home as well, because you can customize what kind of pattern you want for each specific room.
Do plenty of research before you make a decision about your home’s flooring. You can choose beautiful tile flooring for your kitchen and have a wooden surface throughout the rest of your home if you wish. Talk to Carpet Connection today for flooring installation and assistance.