floor materials

Just as prolonged sun exposure can harm our skin, sunlight can also cause severe damage to our furniture and floors. Unfortunately, we can’t just slather a layer of sunscreen all over the carpet and flooring to ward off sun damage. Luckily, you can follow the tips below to protect your home and belongings.

It starts with the windows
Since the sunlight is entering your home through the windows, focus your efforts there. The easiest and most obvious solution would be to draw your blinds and close your curtains. Naturally, this is the most direct way to cut off the sunshine altogether. However, unless you enjoy living like a vampire in hiding, you might find that total darkness is a little depressing.

Instead of eliminating the light, consider installing windows made of laminated or Low-E coated glass. Some window manufacturers claim that their glass can filter up to 99% of the harmful UV radiation.

If your budget isn’t able to cover a total window replacement, you might want to consider window film. Window film can be found at your local home improvement store and is known to provide strong UV protection.

Focus on the floor material
Some floor materials are more susceptible to sun damage than others. For instance, there are many benefits of hardwood installation, but sun exposure can drastically change the color of the hardwood flooring over time. Still, 47% survey respondents prefer wood flooring in their home. What can they do?

If you are concerned about the sun damaging your beautiful hardwood floor, consider applying a sun-resistant sealant. There are several wax and oil finishes as well as varnishes, lacquers, and shellacs that get the job done.

Hardwoods are not the only floor materials commonly altered and damaged by sunlight. Believe it or not, carpets are also susceptible to sun damage. Just like with hardwood floors, there are several protectors you can apply to prevent fading.

The only way to fully protect your floors and furniture from sun damage is to eliminate all natural sunlight. If you prefer to let the light shine in, follow the tips above to keep your home and belongings as fresh and pristine as possible.