Does carpet flooring "pile" matter?

Does carpet flooring "pile" matter?

When you search for the perfect carpeting, you will hear about the carpet pile. But what is it, and does it matter?

Understanding carpet piles can help you make a fantastic flooring decision. And here are some facts that are sure to help you too.

What is a carpet pile?

A carpet pile describes the fibers from the backing material to the surface of your floors. You might hear other terms defining it, including pile height and density.

The truth is that carpet pile is significant when searching for the perfect floor covering. It can determine how your floors look, feel, and perform under pressure.

What kinds of carpet piles are there?

Two main piles will interest you most, and each offers different benefits. You will find that one fits your needs better than the other, so consider these options.

  • Low pile carpet - These floors offer a flatter surface that is easier to clean and maintain. It's smooth and prevents allergens better than any other carpet type.
  • High pile carpet - High pile floors have a reputation for comfort and coziness. But soft carpeting can also add a luxurious look.

Mid-range piles are also available and sometimes combine the best features of both. But, again, be sure to speak with your flooring professional about specific details.

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