floor design patterns

What does your home say about you? A person’s house can reveal a lot about their personality, preferences, and lifestyle. If you’ve been thinking about remodeling to convey a different message about yourself and your life, or just to make yourself happier, don’t confine yourself to the walls — look down. Consider expressing yourself through innovative and unique floor design patterns.

Creativity and off beat ideas about flooring are floating around all over the place. Here are three examples to get you started on the hunt for the perfect, creative floor design patterns and alternative flooring styles for your home:

  • Mix and Match: How could you choose just one out of all the millions of carpet patterns out there in the world? Opt out of the one track carpet route and don’t compromise when it comes to the floor covering you love. Having a different pattern in every room gives each one its own specific character, and works particularity well for themed rooms. If you’re worried about it being too loud and clashing with your other home decor, consider this more understated option: choose a neutral shade, like ecru or beige, and pick several different patterns in the same shade. Your home will have the unique stamp of your creativity, without feeling too abrasive. Not only that, but studies suggest that carpets reduce the presence of allergens in the home, so having multiple different carpets will surely help your home’s air quality.

  • Optical Illusions: Modern variations on the classic checkerboard tiles of your mother’s kitchen floor are uniquely reworked in the creative and modern new carpets and tile patterns, which play with shape and angles to create a 3D illusion. If these give you a headache, downplay the illusion by using one of many more subtle ideas. You can have wood floor panels shaped like puzzle pieces fit together, or a mural painted on your floor to resemble grass or sand. If you know of a local artist, consider approaching them to work on ideas for new floor design patterns that really pop out.

  • Change Up The Materials: Hardwood floors, carpeting, and ceramic tile are the most popular options for homeowners. A Houzz survey found that 34% of the survey participants floors were cover in hardwood, and 23% were covered in tile. At the same time, there’s no reason why you can’t use any number of other materials. Some ideas to get you started include: mosaic tiles (arranged into a beautiful floor scene, of course), coins lined up tightly next to each other, illuminated glass blocks, or repurposed wood or bricks.
Let your creative juices flow — it’s your floor, after all!