wood floor textures

Wood floor textures are very popular in American homes. A recent Houzz survey found that 34% of respondents have hardwood floor textures in their homes. Another survey found that 47% of people prefer wood flooring in their homes and that 90% of homeowners prefer hardwood (or tile) in the kitchen! On top of all that, the National Association of REALTORS found that 54% of people would be willing to pay more for a house with hardwood floors. Needless to say, hardwood floors are in hot demand in the United States.

Hardwood flooring comes with several advantages outside of making the house look good. There are reasons for its widespread popularity. Below are three common reasons why homeowners opt for wood floor textures:

Hardwood is Easier to Clean: Not to say that hardwood floors are spotless but at least when compared to carpet, wooden floors are more manageable to clean and maintain. Why? For the simple reason that hardwood floors have little to trap dirt, allergens, and particles in for the long-term, which is in stark contrast to carpet. Properly maintained wooden floors can last for years.

They Increase the Value of a House: The National Association of REALTORS’ poll cited above shows the value power wooden floors can bring to a home. Several other studies indicate that homeowners are willing to spend more than they would for a house with hardwood floors. Generally, wooden floors gives a home a certain milieuthat for a variety of reasons can’t be matched by carpets and rugs.

They Reduce Household Allergens: Studies also indicate that hardwood floors improve the quality of indoor air. Because wood has little to trap allergens with, the air is cleaner. Homeowners with allergies tend to prefer hardwood floors.

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